Bata has a resemblance to SkyDoesMinecraft, like Flame does.


"I might have no unique powers, but it doesn't mean that I'm not as strong as Flame!" -Bata

Bata was created from the DNA of SkyDoesMinecraft. Bata was given his name because of the color of his outfit, the word Bata means butter in Japanese. Bata and Flame were always together and never wanted to be separated, until Bata's creator saw that unlike Flame, Bata wasn't powerful. So, Bata was going to either die or escape, that night Bata escaped and was never seen again.


Bata looks like SkyDoesMinecraft, except his outfit and a part of his sunglasses are yellow.


"Flame, I've always wanted to say that I'm glad that you and I were made from Sky's DNA! -Bata

Bata and Flame knew each other ever since they were made from Sky's DNA. When Flame escaped he was surprised to find Bata all alone and injured. Luckily, Bata was saved in time...


  • It's unknown how Chikoflame had the idea to create Bata, he's most likely based off of a butter/budder Sky Minecraft skin.