Chi is a character in KTS Project that represents Chikoflame herself.
Chikoflame KTS Project


"You fear me because of my eyes? Ha! Don't judge someone by their appearance!" -Chi

Chi mysteriously appeared one day. The first person that discovered her was Darklox and he thought that she was obsessed with Sky and Deadlox, so he kept his distance at first. Chi saw Darklox and said "Hey, why are you afraid?".

She discovered that everyone is usually scared of Minecrafters with purple eyes because of Enderdragon Hybrids suddenly appearing lately. Chi, however isn't a Enderdragon Hybrid. At night, she's been having strange dreams about two Minecrafters, one with a pure, innocent face with gray eyes. The other one looks like he's hiding something and he looks familiar to Chi.

Later on, she met Squiu and they somehow became friends quickly. Squiu said that she had a secret and then she ran away, Chi wanted to know what happened, but that night her dreams became weirder than before, she apparently received a mysterious power. When she woke up, she felt different and saw that she became a Enderdragon hybrid version of Sky and Deadlox or Enderlox combined. She called herself Enderskylox. Even though she wanted to be Enderlox, it was close enough. That day, she met Chidusk. Chidusk said "Are you an Enderdragon hybrid? Sorry if you're not one, it's just I'm wondering." "Fiery Enderlox..." Chi muttered. Chidusk knew that Chi has seen her before as Enderlox after she heard her say Fiery Enderlox. Chidusk said that she is the Fiery Enderlox and Chi said that she became a Enderdragon hybrid in her dream. Chidusk was thinking that it was another Deadlox/Enderlox transformation like always, but when Chi transformed she was surprised that she had a little bit of Sky in her transformation as well, but she wasn't surprised that "Enderskylox" looked more like Enderlox. Squiu walked up to them and said "You're like
The Three Angelic Deadloxes Chi (Enderskylox), Squiu (Heavenlox) and Chidusk (Dusklox)
Deadlox?" Chi said yes and then Squiu became Heavenlox. "Wait... I'm an angel... You two are Enderdragon hybrids... I guess it goes along with my strength, I'm weak." Chidusk told her that she wasn't and it was because she's a Angelic Squid. Squiu smiled and then they decided to create a team with just the three of them called The Angelic Loxes. Since they weren't evil even though Chi and Chidusk are Enderdragon hybrids. Since then, they've been a team of Minecrafters that have a transformation that's related to Enderlox or Deadlox and no one knows who they are, other than Squi, Squiu's twin brother.



  • Chi isn't related to Chidusk even though their names are similar
  • For some reason, she is interested in becoming Enderlox
  • Chi has been chosen by Enderlox and Yinlox to become a Enderdragon Hybrid