Chidusk is the second female character in KTS Project


"I am Chidusk, the fiery Enderlox!" -Chidusk

Chidusk was a carefree and innocent girl that was a part of the Sky Army. But one night, she heard a voice calling her name and then she suddenly fainted. When she woke up, she had a button on her dress that said: Chidusk : EL-03. Chidusk knew what it meant so she ran away and was never found again.

One night later, she started to completely change into Enderlox. She was now "The Fiery Enderlox". She wasn't feared, but she was captured by Yang, then Yin helped her escape. She was also given the name "Di" (Like Dy)


Chidusk has a button on her dres
Chidusk Button


s that has her name, a Ender Pearl, Hiragana (Japanese Writing) and EL-03. The hiragana goes along with EL-03 because of what it means. It says す かあせど えんでいろっくす (Katakana: ス カーセド エンデーロックス) (Romaji: Su Kaasedo Ende-rokkusu) which means The Cursed Enderlox and EL-03 means Enderlox-03. So, Chidusk might be cursed by Enderlox or he gave her the button.


  • Chidusk doesn't like to be called Di


Chidusk has black and fire-colored hair, purple eyes (Like Enderlox's), a black, purple and light green dress with distorted Ender Pearls on it, A choker that is almost the same as Endersky's and black boots


Endersky meets Chidusk as Enderlox

Endersky meets Chidusk as Enderlox

  • Enderlox - ???
  • Sky/Endersky - Friend?