Darksky is the SkyDoesMinecraft of Darkness.


When Darksky was younger, he was always with his older brothers, Sky and Endersky, however he never was as close to them as they were to each other. But, they were all so happy with each other. Darksky was similar to Endersky and Sky because of his appearance from a long time ago, especially Endersky.

When Endersky was taken by Enderlox, Darksky almost felt depressed because he missed him. Sky attempted to encourage him that Endersky's alright and Darksky listened to Sky. A day later, Darksky was taken by Endetou, who later on decided to make Darksky the SkyDoesMinecraft of Darkness. She really didn't want Darksky, so she gave him to someone named Phoenix, the SkyDoesMinecraft of Flames. Phoenix trained Darksky to use a spear and Darksky was excited to learn about wielding spears.

When Darksky was done with training at nineteen years old, he was given a spear with his name engraved in small letters on it. Darksky went off to find his older brothers, no matter what stands in his way. He was finally reunited with Endersky and Sky and three hours after, he had a surprising encounter with the Lord of The End, Enderlox. Enderlox was asking him to make a pact with him to become a Enderdragon Hybrid. Darksky remembered that Endersky told him not to, so he didn't. Then Enderlox gave Darksky to a chance to change his life, he made Darksky six years old. There was no way to make Darksky be nineteen years old again, except for time itself. He had to wait thirteen years to become nineteen again.


  • Darksky's birthday is February 17. A month after SkyDoesMinecraft's real birthday.