Enderlox is the Enderdragon hybrid of Deadlox.


Enderlox (Dy) and his brother/opposite, Tsukilox, were sealed away so their worlds, The End and The Beginning wouldn't have a war against each other. He didn't want to have a war against The Beginning, he wanted SkyDoesMinecraft's twin: Endersky.

Enderlox never said why he wanted Endersky, but it's most likely because Endersky is almost as powerful as him and he wanted to find a way to possess Endersky so he could find a way to take advantage of his abilities.


Enderlox found out how to curse Minecrafters to make them transform into him. The way he did this was by taking a sample of SkyDoesMinecraft's twin's DNA, since he had the original version of the curse. The only Minecrafter he tested this on was SkyDoesMinecraft. The curse, unlike the one that Sky's twin has, can only have a Minecrafter transform at night and the curse can be reversed only for a few days or certain nights. If the curse isn't reversed by then, the Minecrafter won't be able to transform into Enderlox anymore because they would transform without even trying to and they would be Enderlox forever.


Enderlox's song is revealed to be called Dark Future.


  • Enderlox's official true name is Dy
  • Enderlox was actually created by HerobrineisMINE from Deviantart
  • In KTS Project, Enderlox is also related to Deadlox because the original creator of Enderlox confirmed it. (In Enderlox's true story, Enderlox is Deadlox's brother.)


  • Darklox - Brother and enemy
  • Tsukilox - Brother/Opposite
  • Deadlox - Brother
  • Sky/Endersky - ???
  • SkyDoesMinecraft - Former enemy