Flame is a character in KTS Project that has a resemblance to SkyDoesMinecraft


"You think that I'm Sky? I'm Flame, the Sky that has the power of fire!" -Flame

Flame was created from the DNA of SkyDoesMinecraft, along with his "twin" brother: Bata. Flame got his name because for some reason he has the power of fire. Flame wasn't supposed to escape from his creator, but since Bata did, Flame decided to escape as well, even if it meant burning Minecrafters to death.

Flame found Bata with wounds on his arms and his legs. The only way that he found Bata was because he screamed in pain. Bata told Flame that he didn't know what attacked him.


Flame looks exactly like Sky, except his outfit and a part of his sunglasses are red.



  • Flame is the first character that possesses the powers of fire, the second is Deadflame
  • Flame could be the true name of Deadflame's friend, Phoenix, except Flame wasn't created at the time.