Mercury is JeromeASF's fan-made twin in KTS Project.


"Power and I don't have abilities like most of the other twins do... Well, one day we'll be like them!" -Mercury

Mercury is one of the two fan-made twins that originally didn't have names, the second twin was BajanCanadian's fan-made twin named Power. Mercury and Power never had names or homes. They always took care of each other. One day, when Endersky and Darklox wanted to find Mercury, Mercury and Power were captured by Enderlox.


Mercury is normally friendly and determined, but it has been revealed that when he acquired his ability, he went insane and attempted to kill anyone that he remembers, including Power, the friend that he has known all his life. He ended up almost killing Power, but he finally regained control right before he killed him.

Hidden AbilityEdit

All the other Minecraft Youtuber twins have a special/hidden ability and/or a special/hidden transformation. Mercury currently doesn't have one but, he wants to have one, but Endersky says "Mercury, just enjoy being normal until you get your ability! Once you get it, someone will target you... I'm targeted by Enderlox and Squi..." But, no matter what anyone says Mercury wants to have a ability.

Mercury's Hidden Ability was finally revealed on March 24, 2014. Mercury has yellow and light blue eyes. An Enderdragon's tail and wings. The
ASFMercury Transformed
wings are almost the same as Yinlox's wings. He has sleeves that are white, black, purple and light blue. These sleeves were revealed to be themed after Purple Heart (Neptune) from Hyperdimension Neptunia.