Nie is the third female character in KTS Project. She is Dawnables' twin sister.


Nie was found after she attempted to kill Endersky for unknown reasons. She never told Endersky her name, until she was going to be killed by Enderlox and Endersky saved her. When she was saved, she said that her name was Nie.

Nie was found by Enderlox a hour later after he almost killed her and turned her into an Enderdragon hybrid. Endersky came a few minutes later, but he actually reversed her curse by kissing her. After that, Nie wasn't sure if Endersky was in love with her or she was in love with him because they wanted to just be friends.


You think that I'm actually going to kill you? -Nie

Nie is always called hostile, fierce and insane by most people, but the truth is that she's actually sweet and kind.

KTS Project: RevengeEdit

Nie is shown with no sleeves and a necklace that resembles Lunarlox's.

Revenge Nie

Nie reunited with Endersky and he gave her a necklace with a light pink crescent moon. Nie thanked Endersky.



  • Sky/Endersky - Friend?
  • Sky - Friend?
  • Dawnables - Sister
  • Darklox - Friend