SSaturdee is one of the characters for KTS Project, he's SSundee's twin and he was first revealed on February 26, 2014.


SSaturdee, unlike all of the other twins, doesn't have an exact appearance to the Youtuber he's the twin for: SSundee. When SSaturdee was discovered by Endersky and Darklox, he said "Please... You two... Run while you can or save me!" He said this because of his transformation, most of the twins have an unusual ability to transform, but they are in control, SSaturdee wasn't. His transformation doesn't make him different except he has red eyes and he's cross-eyed, in this form he's called Derp SSaturdee.

SSaturdee doesn't know how to control his transformation and he thinks that he will never know how. So, he never transforms even if one of his friends are in danger. If he did know how to control his transformation, he could end up being one of the most powerful twins. Since in his transformation, he can wield two swords as fast as he can, ending up hitting everything that he's targeting.


Normal Form: SSaturdee is usually kind. Also, he doesn't run away from a fight, unless he has to transform.

Transformed: In this form, SSaturdee's personality completely changes, making him insane. This sudden personality change is caused by his transformation controlling his mind.


SSaturdee was first revealed with a picture in Japanese and Chikoflame said that whoever guesses his Japanese name will know it early.
SSaturdee Unrevealed

SSaturdee's official unrevealed picture.


  • SSaturdee's name is a reference from one of SSundee's videos.
  • SSaturdee could be one of the most powerful twins, like Endersky and Darklox.