ShinyHuskyMudkipz is HuskyMudkipz's twin brother


ShinyHuskyMudkipz was sealed away like most of the twins were. When he was sealed away, he acted different than how he does now. He used to be crazy. This is true because of what Darklox said: "He attempted to cut off my wings in my transformation."

When he was reawakened, he wanted to find Darklox, to apologize to him. Except, he was taken by Squi and he possessed him to kill all of the twins that were currently awakened, Endersky and Darklox. He found Darklox and gave him severe wounds with a katana. When Darklox almost died, ShinyHuskyMudkipz wasn't possessed anymore. He saw the almost-dying Darklox and he couldn't believe that he did that. A tear formed in his eye and he said "Darklox... I didn't even apologize to you!" A few minutes later, Darklox opened his eyes and he told ShinyHuskyMudkipz that he accepted his apology. However, Endersky saw this and he told ShinyHuskyMudkipz that he's his sworn enemy, then ShinyHuskyMudkipz didn't get to speak because of Endersky. He tried to tell him what happened, but it didn't work.


  • Darklox - Friend and former enemy
  • HuskyMudkipz - Twin brother
  • Sky/Endersky - Friend