SkyDoesMinecraft is the true Sky
KTS Project- SkyDoesMinecraft


When Sky and his two brothers: Endersky and Darksky were younger, they were always together. Until one by one, they started to disappear. Endersky was taken by Enderlox and Darksky was taken by Endetou, the day after Endersky disappeared. At that time, Sky felt lonely and he felt like everyone would've started to disappear.

A few years after Endersky and Darksky disappeared, Sky met Deadlox and at that point, he didn't really feel lonely, since he kind of felt that way when Darksky and Endersky disappeared because of Enderlox and Endetou.

Twelve years after Endersky and Darksky's disappearances, Endersky came back. Sky didn't want to believe Endersky until he told him about what happened a long time ago before he disappeared. Sky really didn't care if Darksky came back at the time because his twin brother came back from The End.


In the story of KTS Project, there's a part where Enderlox curses Sky to be like his twin. The curse would only affect Sky at night, but in a few nights after the curse was put on Sky, he'll be Enderlox forever, unless on certain nights the curse could be reversed. As Enderlox, Sky has no control and he mostly does what Enderlox tells him to do. It's currently not known if Sky will be Enderlox or the curse will be lifted.

Dark Counterpart NameEdit

It was shown in a book that's in KTS Project called The Three Beings of Chaos, Destruction and Darkness that Endersky was going to be named Dusk and Sky was going to be named Night when they were born, but it said that "Dusk and Night" didn't match their appearances, so they were named Endersky and Sky. It wasn't official if Sky was going to be called Night and Endersky was going to be called Dusk, but Chikoflame confirmed that Dusk and Night will be two dark versions of SkyDoesMinecraft and EnderskyDoesMinecraft (Endersky), so it's not going to be Sky and Endersky, but their dark counterparts.


Sky's song for KTS Project isn't released yet, but it's confirmed to be called Butter Paradise. It has been revealed that Butter Paradise has almost been completed and only the Vocaloid VSQX and the instrumental needs to be made, except Chikoflame has said that if the Vocaloid VSQX doesn't turn out well, she'll sing it herself unless somehow SkyDoesMinecraft actually sings it.


  • Sky might be like Endersky: A Half-Enderdragon Hybrid. It's not likely though.
  • Sky's song: Butter Paradise, might be the first song in KTS Project because it's was mostly worked on than the other songs.


  • Sky/Endersky - Twin brother
  • Darksky - Little brother
  • Squi - Enemy
  • Deadlox - Friend
  • ??? - Friend
  • ??? - Friend
  • SSundee - Friend
  • HuskyMudkipz - Friend
  • ??? - Friend