Squi is the commander of the Squid Army, he is also one of the three human versions of squids
KTS Project- Squi


Squi wasn't always a squid, he was a normal human, until one day his DNA was altered. His original name is currently unrevealed. When he was older he was discovered by Sky and then he was trapped inside of a teal crystal.

He was freed by his twin sister, Squiu. He tricked her and said that he didn't remember her, Squiu was about to leave and never return since that's what she had to do when Squi was freed. Squi followed her and told her that it was a joke and told her to stay. Soon after, Squi decided that he wanted to become an alchemist. For one reason: To either kill or ruin the lives of Sky and Endersky. He'll trick his angelic twin sister to do anything that he planned. She didn't know what anything that he does did, so Squi found this as an chance to use this to his advantage.


Squi is mischievous and clever. Occasionally, Squi is sometimes friendly to Sky Army recruits, but that's only in his Sky Form.


Squi usually tries to trick people with his ability that he loves and hates at the same time: The ability to transform into SkyDoesMinecraft. It's
Squi meets Enderlox

Squi (As Sky) meets Enderlox. (Manga Page)

unusual that he sometimes enjoys it than other times.


  • Squi was originally not planned to be in KTS Project.
  • It was rumored that Squi might truly be a clone or a lookalike of SkyDoesMinecraft, someone asked Chikoflame about this and the answer was "Who Squi really is won't be revealed for a long time, you can guess that it's Sky, but you won't know until it's revealed."
  • There's one picture of Squi and Deadlox as kids that was an official picture, there was also a second version with Squi as Sky, Deadlox in the picture was later revealed to be Squi's twin sister, Squiu.
  • It was a coincidence that Squi's name rhymed with Sky (How to say Squi's name: Squ-ai)
  • Squi tries to become an alchemist
  • Squi could transform into Sky ever since he was born
  • Since Squi is the commander of the Squid Army, he's the King of the Squids as well.


(Any names or titles that are ???, are names/titles that aren't revealed yet.)

  • Squiu - Twin sister
  • SkyDoesMinecraft - Enemy
  • Sky/Endersky - Enemy?
  • ??? - Friend
  • Deadlox - Enemy
  • HuskyMudkipz - Enemy
  • ??? - Enemy
  • ??? - Enemy
  • ??? - Enemy