Squiu is the first female character in KTS Project. She is also Squi's twin sister.
Squiu by animenebula003-d6xjm71

Picture made by AnimeNebula003 from Deviantart.


Like Squi, Squiu was a normal human, but her DNA was altered. Unlike any other squid, she became a Angelic Squid (A squid that's a angel).

When Squiu was younger, she made a pact with the angelic Enderdragon hybrid, Tsukilox and was given the gift to transform into Heavenlox, a angelic Deadlox with tremendous power, however in the process of Squiu's first transformation, it backfired and kept her as Heavenlox, a few years later Tsukilox ended up getting rid of Squiu's powers. She ended up forgetting that she was Heavenlox.

Squiu's twin brother, Squi decided to use alchemy to transform Squiu into Deadlox, this only allowed Squiu to regain her ability to transform into Heavenlox. Squi was disappointed in the result because he didn't want to be alone. Since he was called "The Squid SkyDoesMinecraft" since he could somehow turn into Sky.

Later on she was told by Squi that she can become Deadlox. Squiu didn't want to believe it, so Squi told her how to transform and she was Heavenlox, an angel version of Deadlox, the Deadlox that she could become many years ago. (Like Lunarlox and Tsukilox)


Squiu was once paired with another character named Cybyute A.K.A HeavenMU because of her hidden ability


  • Squi - Twin Brother
  • Cybyute - Friend