StarMU is MinecraftUniverse's Twin Brother.


StarMU was sealed away like most of the other twins were. His best friend was Darklox, until he found out about who Darklox was related to. They're still friends though. After StarMU was reawakened, soon afterwards he was attacked by Enderlox. Enderlox surprisingly gave up because StarMU knew what attacks Enderlox would do and he knew every way to evade them.

It's unknown how StarMU knows a lot about Enderdragon hybrids, but when he first saw Endersky and his transformation, he called Endersky a Pure class Enderdragon hybrid and a Half-Enderdragon hybrid, since that's what Endersky is. Later on in KTS Project he uses his knowledge of Enderdragon hybrids to his advantage.


StarMU's knowledge of Enderdragon hybrids is something that no other Minecrafter has ever known about. If someone asks StarMU how he knows this, he says "That's something that you have to figure out!" But, he knows things like what type an Enderdragon hybrid is and what their attacks might be. He might be an Enderdragon hybrid, but the things that he knows aren't known by most Enderdragon hybrids.


  • When StarMU first saw Endersky, he said that Dusk (Endersky's counterpart) is the "son" of Enderlox.