Yang A.K.A Yanglox is a Minecrafter that became an Enderdragon hybrid


Yang took Yinlox away from The End and turned him into Yin, so she could become a Enderdragon hybrid herself. Yinlox explained that Yang had to get the DNA from a Enderdragon hybrid that is still a Enderdragon hybrid, so she found Chidusk and attempted to hurt Chidusk to keep her quiet. Yinlox became himself again and escaped with Chidusk, but Yang found a way to become a Enderdragon hybrid and became Yanglox. Yanglox's new powers made him go insane, so he wanted to kill Yinlox or Enderlox in order to become the lord of The End.

Yanglox almost died from one of Yinlox's attacks but Yanglox became sane again and his wounds healed. He asked if he could become Enderlox's servant and Enderlox said yes. Even though Yanglox became sane once again, it doesn't mean that he doesn't want to kill Yinlox or Enderlox to become the lord of The End.


  • Yanglox could be the younger form of Endlox.
  • Yanglox was the name of Yinlox's long lost brother.