Yin A.K.A Yinlox was/is one of the most powerful Enderdragon hybrids.


Yin was Yinlox, a version of Enderlox with black and white hair that was Enderlox's servant. Until a girl who was like Yin but different named Yang took Yin and got rid of Yinlox, the only thing that was left of the Enderdragon hybrid was a girl that almost looked like Yang. Yin was surprised, knowing that she wasn't Yinlox anymore. She knew that Enderlox wouldn't of cared anyways if she was gone. Since that day, Yin was forced to tell Yang how to become Enderlox. Yang was after Chidusk, the third cursed Enderdragon hybrid. If Yang took Chidusk's DNA, she could become Enderlox and that became her desire. Yin tried to protect Chidusk and not let her get hurt in her new form, but Yang attempted to do anything to capture Chidusk.

Yin almost forgot everything when she was Yinlox. He even forgot that he was Enderlox's son. (Yin was originally a boy as Yinlox.)

When Yinlox had his memories back, he remembered something that he was told a long time ago: If Yinlox wants to, one day he can become the new lord of The End, but he doesn't want to be like that because he's usually feared and he doesn't like it. He wants to live like a normal Minecrafter but, he knows that it'll be impossible because of his wings and his tail.

Yinlox AppearanceEdit

As Yinlox, Yin has Deadlox's bracelets, shirt, shoes and pants. His wings are smaller than Enderlox's, except when he wants to fly, then his wings become the same as Enderlox's, but he can fly with his normal wings. Yinlox's hair is black and white. His headset's colors are purple and white. He has gray eyes.
Yin and Yinlox2


  • Yinlox is based off of Yin
  • He's Enderlox's fan-made son
  • Even though Yinlox isn't the lord of The End, he is still called "Lord Yinlox" by Enderdragon hybrids